Zirconium Cem / Zircon bonder

Zirconium CEM is a transparent, self-curing luting cement für adhesion of zirconium dioxide restorations to zirconium dioxide, precious metal, non-precious metal and ceramics. It is easy to use without light-curing on all zirconium dioxide surfaces. Zircon Primer is the perfect match.

Zircon Primer is an escpecially developed bonder on ethanol basis for a long-lasting and safe bond.

  • Innovative bonding system especially developed for zirconium dioxide
  • Made for intra and extra oral use (e.g. titanium base to individual zicronium abutments or supra constructions to abutments)
  • Free of Bis-GMA and TEGDMA
  • Excellent bonding strength and physical properties
  • Suitable for both dental office and for dental lab
  • High biocompatibility

Packaging size: 5 ml bottle

Shelf-life: 5 years

Acessories: Zirconium Cem

Bonds zirconium dioxide to zirconium dioxide

Bonding strength after storage in water for 48 h at 100°C (212°F): 23 MPa

Bonding strength after storage in water for 24 h at 37°C (98.6°F): 16 MPa

Other bonding values available upon request.

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