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From its Rosbach location near Frankfurt am Main,
MANI MEDICAL GERMANY supplies sales partners worldwide.

Foreword by the Executive Board

The MANI MEDICAL GERMANY management has committed itself to establish and maintain a quality management system in accordance with the quality requirements of the following countries (EU / USA / CAN / BRA / JAP / AUS) and involves all employees. The quality management manual, the process, work, operating and testing instructions, as well as the checklists are binding for the employees of all business units.

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All employees are obliged to make their contribution to the implementation of MANI MEDICAL GERMANY’s quality policy and quality objectives. To this end, they must implement and improve the contents of the quality management system to the best of their ability.

The performance of the tasks for implementation, documentation and improvement of this quality management system is ensured by the management through the following measures:

Definition of the quality policy
Definition of the periodic monitoring of measurable and assessable
quality objectives
Definition of the structural and procedural organisation to regulate the
responsibilities and relationships of employees and activities to each other
Transfer of quality-relevant tasks to technical and competent personnel
Promotion of employee qualification through systematic training and
further education
Periodic evaluation of the quality management system through internal audits
and ma-nagement reviews.

MANI MEDICAL GERMANY’s management undertakes to ensure the commercial success of the company in a competitive environment.

Many teams,
one mission

Ardent, tenacious and persistent efforts with a scientific mind to supply the best quality in the world to the world developed and produced in Germany.


About us

The company GDF Gesellschaft für dentale Forschung und Innovationen GmbH, founded in 1983 by Horst Schütz, with its headquarters and production facilities in 61191 Rosbach v.d.H., Dieselstrasse 5-6, develops, produces and sells consumables for dentists and dental technicians.

Company structure

Relocation to new production and office facilities – in September 2023 – and change of company name to MANI MEDICAL GERMANY GmbH.

Our expertise

Since it was founded in the 1980s, MANI MEDICAL GERMANY has built up extensive know-how, particularly in the areas of dental composites (e.g. filling materials, luting composites), dental acrylics based on PMMA (e.g. denture base acrylics) and teeth whitening materials.

Our vision

As a proud subsidiary of MANI Inc., Utsunomiya, Japan, MANI MEDICAL GERMANY contributes to the well-being of the world by providing customers, doctors and patients with the most innovative products, manufactured according to the highest quality standards, through development, production and sales.


Mission and goals

According to our company policy „Best quality in the world to the world“ we want to meet the high demands of our customers in terms of service and quality.

Our most important strategic goals are economic success and a very high standard of quality.

For us, „best quality“ means recognizing and exceeding customer expectations.


2023 Completion and relocation to new production and research facilities in Rosbach.

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