Temp PF

A classic for dental lab and dental office.

Self-curing powder/liquid-base material for temporary crowns and bridges.

  • very good mechanical properties
  • wide color range including enamel mass clear
  • no inhibition layer
  • very low residual monomer
  • low development of heat
  • can connect with deep-drawing foils
  • long-lasting temporary restoration
  • long-term restorations possible
  • possible to build up resin teeth to recreate function and aesthetics
  • even large restorations are possible
  • color can be individually adjusted by mixing the powders
  • can be repaired
  • good biocompatibility
  • can be used directly and indirectly
  • stable temporary restorations

Colors: Vita-shades A1-A4, B1-B4, C2, C3, D3 as well as enamel mass clear

Storage 10-25°C

Shelf-life: 4 years

Technical Data:

Shrinkage Approx. 5-6%
Polymerization Approx. 12 min / 21°C
Mixing ratio 2:1 (powder:liquid)
Water solubility Approx. 1,1 µg/mm³
Flexural strength Min. 75 N/mm²
E-Module Approx. 2300 N/mm²
Water absorption Approx. 21.2 µg/mm³
Residual monomer Approx. 0,6-1,0% (storage 24h at 37°C)
Vickers hardness Approx. 12-15

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