Selective Etch Bond

Selective Etch Bond is a self-etching, light-curing one-component bonding for a safe and reliable bond to filling composites on natural teeth in only one step

For use in Self-Etch-Technique as well as in Selective Etch Technique.For bonding indirect restorations made of composites and ceramics.

  • Primer and Bond in one bottle
  • High safety level due to optimized viscosity and thixotropy
  • No storage in refrigerator necessary
  • No extra etching necessary
  • Optimized formula
  • Free of TEGDMA / MMA
  • Easy handling and application
  • Mild etch: pH value > 2
  • Fast, easy and reliable
  • Etching, priming, bonding in one step
  • Builds absolutely homogeneous adhesive layer avoiding „pooling“
  • Avoids extra time and effort, stable material properties
  • Time-saving and safe (eliminates risk of over-etching)
  • High bonding strength on enamel and dentine
  • Biocompatible
  • Long-lasting bond
  • Gentle etching, reduces risk of hyper sensibilities

Packaging: 5 ml bottle
Storage: 2 – 25°C
Shelf-life: 2 years


Technical data:
Bonding strength to dentine: 26 MPa
Bonding strength to enamel: 24 MPa

*The technical data consists of median values, delivered batches are subject to slight variation.

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