Gingiva Composite Paste & Flow

Light-curing Gingiva Composite in two consistencies (paste and flow) for gingival restorations and reproductions, implant suprastructures, Crowns & Bridges as well as characterization of full & partial dentures. The material comes in four different shades for natural looking gingival reproductions.

  • 4 shades in paste and flow
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Excellent polishability
  • Compatible with light-curing veneering composites (see C&B Composite Paste & Flow)
  • Natural looking reconstructions of gingival parts
  • For highly stable restorations
  • Low plaque affinity
  • Perfect addition to dentine shades

Light -Medium -Dark -Super Dark

5 g syringe PASTE
3 g syringe FLOW
(accessories for flowable: 10 application tips recommended)

Storage: 10 – 25°C

Shelf-lifet: 4 years


Technical data Paste

Hardness 400 MPa
Flexural strength 95 MPa
E-Module 6900 MPa


Technical data Flow

Hardness 370 MPa
Flexural strength 140 MPa
E-Module 6500 MPa

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