Gingiva protector

One-component material to cover the gingiva during treatment with highly active in-office bleaching gels.

  • Optimal viscosity
  • Good flow behavior
  • Polymerization time only 20 sec.
  • Very low heat development
  • Significant time-saving when compared to a rubber dam
  • Easy application
  • Colored blue
  • Easy application
  • Quick curing
  • Patient-friendly
  • Fast
  • Safe protection
  • Very good contrast with the gingiva

Packaging size: 1 ml and 3 ml syringe

Technical data:

Hardness: 4,5 HV
Density: 1,28 g/cm³
Colour: blue
Shelf-life: 3 years
Storage: 3°C-25°C

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