Flowable Composite

Light-curing flow composite for direct restorations, relinings as well as for sealing fissures. For cavities according to Black’s classes I, II, III, and V, which are placed in areas without masticatory load.

  • Low viscosity
  • Thixotropic behavior
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Wide choice of shades
  • Good radiopacity
  • Medium filler particle
  • Easy to apply
  • High stability, no running or dripping
  • Long-lasting restoration
  • Natural restoration
  • X-ray check possible
  • Highly polishable

Shades: Vita-shades A1-A4, B2-B4 and C3
Packaging sizes: 1 g- and 2 g-syringe
Shelf-life: Max. 4 years
Storage: 10 -25°C


Technical Data:
Vickers hardness >374 MPa
Flexural strength >134 MPa
E-Module >6998 MPa
Compressive strength >403 MPa

*The technical data consists of median values, delivered batches are subject to slight variation.

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