C&B Composite Paste & Flow

Light-curing crown and bridge lab composite for aesthetic veneering. The material comes in two different consistencies and leaves total freedom of choice between flow and paste. The system combines strength, aesthetics and versatility.

  • All shades in paste and flow
  • Simplified system
  • Ceramics-like properties
  • Incisal masses provide extreme abrasion-resistance
  • Reduced transparency (approx. 0,5%)
  • Low plaque-affinity
  • Almost unlimited combinations and easy handling, finishing, polishing
  • Facilitates processing
  • Excellent for inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • Superior wear characteristics
  • No extra cervical masses necessary
  • Long-lasting aesthetics

Shades: See color scheme below

Packaging size: 5 g syringe paste, 3 g syringe flow (10 application tips recommended)

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Technical data Flow

Hardness 370 MPa
Flexural strength 140 MPa
E-Module 6500 MPa
Compressive strength 360 MPa
Bulking agent percentage 57 %


Technical data Paste Dentin

Hardness 400 MPa
Flexural strength 95 MPa
E-Module 6900 MPa
Compressive strength 360 MPa
Bulking agent percentage 74 %


Technical data: Paste Occlusal

Hardness 560 MPa
Flexural strength 140 MPa
E-Module 10000 MPa
Compressive strength 450 MPa
Bulking agent percentage 75 %


C&B Composite Paste & Flow color scheme (Paste + Flow)

Color according to Vita®* paste opapaque dentine incisal
A1 light A1/B1 S58
A2 light A2/B2 S58
A3 light A3 S59
A3,5 medium A3,5 S59
A4 medium A4 S60
B1 light A1/B1 S57
B2** medium A2/B2 S58
B3 light B3/B4 S59
B4 medium B3/B4 S59
C1** medium C1/D1/D3/D4 S59
C2 medium C2/C3/C4 S59
C3 dark C2/C3/C4 S59
D2 light C1/D2/D3/D4 S60
D3 dark C1/D2/D3/D4 S59
Effect blue
Effect red
Effect clear
Effect light



*Vita is a registered trade mark of Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Säckingen.

B2 – Take incisal material along the edges all the way down to the shoulder. Apply incisal only relatively thin onto the shoulder area of the restoration
C1 – Completely coat the body of the restoration with incisal material

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