Acryl G

Hi-quality cold-curing resin for all conventional techniques including injection technique. Suitable for full dentures, partial dentures, repairs and relinings.

  • short liquid phase
  • excellent mechanical data
  • Hi-Impact
  • low shrinkage
  • easily polished
  • less use of monomer
  • quick working process
  • high loadability and long-lasting restorations
  • suitable for implant-based dentures
  • perfect fit and very smooth surface
  • time saving
  • less residual monomer

Colors: pink, pink-transparent, pink-opaque, pink 34 and clear (veins separately available)

Packaging sizes: 500 g and 1000 g can, 500 ml and 1000 ml bottle

Technical data:

Vickers hardness 14 HV
Flexural strength 95 MPa
E-Module 2500 MPa
Water absorption 23,3 µg/mm³
Water solubility 1,1 µg/mm³

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